Our Story

Our story started as one of family loss but soon became one of gain; a life legacy to give back to the people and the village that meant so much to Mark (he was very much a ‘local’ of The Cross Keys. It was his favourite pub).

Mark enjoyed living in Llanfynydd for many years. He particularly loved The Cross Keys, meeting friends, locals and it’s fair to say he spent many a ‘happy hour’ in the pub.

In 2015, Mark had a cycling accident. which left him paralysed. He was a keen sportsman, and his disability gave him his biggest challenge; one which he took on wholeheartedly. He continued to enjoy the pub and loved the social hub of the community, so very much.

Sadly, in 2021 Mark became unwell and unexpectedly passed away, age 54. He most certainly was living life to the full, to the end.

It felt very fitting that Mark’s legacy was to provide the next chapter for The Cross Keys, with the purchase of the freehold and the funding of the renovation of this fabulous country pub. It was and will always be a pub and community he loved. And so, with help of Mark’s close friends, MPH construction, and some people who’ve helped run quality pubs for years; together we want to bring this gem of a pub back to life; to give it the TLC it deserves and provide a place for friends and families to meet, eat, drink and be happy for many more years to come.

And so, here begins the next chapter for The Cross Keys and we very much hope you’ll join us on our journey.

Mark Stuart Steene 21.08.67 – 09.05.21

Air Tastes Beautiful  


Following Marks accident, it was the Welsh Air Ambulance who helped Mark from the quiet Llangollen country road to Stoke Hospital Intensive care. He was forever grateful. In Marks words, “5 years later, after 10 months in hospital, 3 cardiac arrests & 7 major operations trying to repair mind and body, I feel ready to start repaying them”  


It was then he set up his own charity “Air tastes beautiful” to raise money for the Welsh Air Ambulance. He named the charity air tastes beautiful because those were his exact words when he breathed unaided again and ‘tasted’ fresh air having stared at a hospital ceiling for 10 months.  


Any charitable events we hold at the pub, will support Marks charity and the Welsh Air Ambulance.